Messaging, Payments, Apps and Voice in one mobile platform

We specialise in mobile applications that let you interact and engage with your customers and clients. Whether it’s payments through Apps and SMS, sending voice automated messages or building killer apps: CM provides one mobile platform that fulfills your needs if it comes to mobile engagement and interaction.

Our services are used for two-factor authentication, voice messaging, travel alerts, mobile vouchers, appointment reminders and building complete mobile applications for mobile devices. We specialise in messaging, voice, payments and apps. These four pillars mean we can offer you a complete package.

We work for and with some of the largest brands in the world. They use our mobile solutions, easily accessible through web API’s and mobile applications that clients use to drive revenue. Specialising in messaging, payments, apps and voice means you can benefit from more knowledge and speed with which we act and react.

CM: The Heart of Mobile


Messaging is one of the most important services mobile offers and the first service CM Telecom started with. Mobilise your business by integrating our messaging applications.The various messaging channels we offer put you right next to your target audience, enabling engagement with consumers or let you send business critical messages to clients and staff. Personal, easy and cost-effective.We enable the highest quality to support for your messaging applications.

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Mobile sales are rapidly taking off as consumers accept and embrace mobile technology and convenience. Payments are the core transaction that generates and drives revenues. Whether implemented in online shops, financial institutions or online newspapers, our payment solutions take the pulse of the mobile consumer. CM understands consumers’ evolving habits and the potential of mCommerce and mobile payments. Through in-app, responsive website applications and SMS payments like Direct Carrier Billing and Premium SMS we provide easy ways to let your customer make purchases. Our mobile platform powers fast, safe and simple mobile payments for global commerce in the 21st century. We provide solutions for mobile, online and in-app transactions.

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Are you looking for a partner with extensive experience in all disciplines of mobile application development? CM develops mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones. Our apps bring brands to life and help you connect, interact and engage with your customers and clients. We give advise to and work closely with our clients and to turn their ideas into reality.

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Every missed call is a missed opportunity. With Voice and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you’ll improve your reach and ensure you never let a call go unanswered.Voice and IVR services are voice commands for (mobile) phone applications that are easy to integrate into pre-existing telephone systems. By increasing reach, companies and organisations can quickly boost transactions and business.

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