App Development

Are you looking for a partner with extensive experience in all disciplines of mobile application development? CM develops mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones. Our apps bring brands to life and help you connect, interact and engage with your customers and clients.

Our experience enables us to offer a wide range of development services. Our portfolio includes communications through push notifications and SMS, which enables you to build in complete messaging solutions for your app and communication and (in-app) payments needs.

App development solutions combined

Mobile application development

We are the best when it comes to mobile application development.

Interaction design

Developing an application is just the technical execution of your idea. But an interaction designer can help you to make your idea more intuitive and user-friendly.

Back end development

In many cases, your mobile application will require a back end system (also called content management system). We have in house back end developers who are happy to develop this for you.


Chances are great that your (mobile) application works with an online back end system to load content and data. This back end system requires hosting.

Our Key Values

Pride: We are proud of what we develop and that spirit will reflect on your product.

Quality: Only the best is good enough and therefore you can expect premium product quality.

Trust: No relationship works without trust. You will find a reliable partner in CM.

Innovation: During development, we always consider the latest techniques and innovations within our industry.

Involvement: For a more efficient and pleasant working process we find it important that you, as a customer, are involved.

These companies work with CM

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Panasonic apps
Seat apps
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