Minimise risk with mobile two-factor authentication

Stay ahead of cybercrime and protect your organisation against fraudulent login attempts and potential catastrophic effects on your business. CM Secure solutions offer unique Hybrid Two-factor, One Time Password solution that can be delivered in your app via Push or via our reliable high quality SMS routes.

Start sending OTP

One Time Password

How to get started with One Time Passwords via SMS and Push

CM OTP Generator

Simply use our free and secure OTP API to generate, send and verify one time passwords.

Read more in the OTP API Docs

Generate yourself

Generate your own passwords and let CM deliver them securely and fast via SMS or Push.

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Use a security partner

Already connected to a security partner of looking for one? Get in touch with our experts.

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CM Secure Hybrid OTP solution

Dynamic delivery of One Time Passwords via SMS or Push.

Save costs on your SMS bill, generate more app engagement and have faster delivery. Use our Hybrid solution to deliver your one time passwords via push to your app and an SMS to those who don’t have your app. In case we cannot deliver, you can fall back on Voice.

Multi platform

Besides SMS, our Hybrid platform delivers push on iOS, Android and Windows. And what ever will be next.

Easy to integrate

Use our SDK to implement our Hybrid delivery service into your app. Available for iOS and Android.


Our SDK uses secure SSL connections to receive your One Time Passwords and is able to mask your message.

Verify phone number

First time app users will be asked to validate their phone number via a One Time Password on SMS.

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