Mobile Education: mLearning

CM offers versatile mobile ways to engage and interact with students, teachers and parents. Through CM’s technology and solutions, learners can participate in activities directly linked to their needs and demands.

Mobile messaging has given education new opportunities. Demand comes primarily from education institutions, typically schools, colleges, universities and training providers who have benefitted from messaging solutions. Notifying students in case of schedule changes or even sending grades and outcomes via SMS.

The increasing availability of the smartphone, tablets, gaming handsets and other handheld devices is beginning to present a compelling learning platform available to a significant proportion of the education market.


  • Notify students on timetable changes
  • Inform teachers and parents of absence
  • Voting for student related activities
  • Alert students on upcoming events
  • Interactive learning with questionnaires
  • And more.

Use Cases

Logo StudyCall

StudyCall uses CM s NotiFire app to send pupils and parents school related push notifications through it’s own branded channel within the app. Pupils, teachers and parents get updates on timetable changes and even on bad weather disruptions.

Logo Text To Change (TTC)

Text To Change (TTC) sends educational text messages to millions of people worldwide. Through CM’s platform, TTC interacts with people who need information on pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, market prices, among others.


CM built an iPad app for The American School in Switzerland (TASIS) England. New students to the school are offered a way to get to know the school and its community even before they had ever set a foot on the premises.

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