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Travel, Transportation & Logistics

Transport and logistics are the heart of the world’s economy. Companies in these sectors rely on mobile solutions for their daily operations. They benefit from fast messaging solutions at low cost in business critical processes, from airlines to ferries and supply chains within logistics companies. The impact of mobile messaging technology has emerged across the industry to increase efficiency and enhance customer services.

The logistics, transport and travel industry has long been a major user of mobile messaging applications to increase efficiency and enhance customer service. The impact of mobile messaging technology has emerged across the industry. Messaging can be integrated easily in to processes and systems for crucial communications in the supply chain.

The technology relationship has increased through the growth in home deliveries, resulting from the rise of Internet retail. Mobile messaging in the industry is most effective as people have their mobile device within a hand’s reach 24 hours a day. Messaging as a communication channel notifies airline staff and ferry personal in an instant no matter the location and when they’re on the move.

How others use our platform in the Travel, Transportation & Logistics sector.

  • Notification of package delivery
  • Notifications of route changes for drivers
  • Location updating of goods and vehicles
  • Notifications of schedule changes
  • Alerts for critical updates
  • Improving customer service
  • Two-way communication with staff

Why others choose CM

Logo Samskip
The international sea freight carrier Samskip uses CM’s platform for automated scheduling updates and for two-way communications. Samskips drivers get real-time updates on route changes. CM Telecoms mobile solutions help Samskip improve workflows and even reduce on emissions of carbon dioxide.
Logo JetairFly
One of Belgium’s mayor airlines Jetairfly, notifies its crew on changes in their schedule through CM Telecoms platform. Jetairfly sends updates on potential delays and gate changes. The company uses SMS among others as internet access abroad could be scarce.