Mobile enhances customer loyalty and engagement for retail

Mobile messaging in retail helps increase revenue with easy-to-use and efficient mobile marketing solutions for communication and payments.

CM lets you communicate one-on-one with any number of potential or existing customers via SMS, Voice or Push notifications and payments. Messaging via SMS or Push notifications improves brand awareness, loyalty and customer engagement. It’s is a dynamic way of notifying new and existing customers of events, promotions, new collections and services.

How retailers benefit from our expertise:

  • Customer loyalty and engagement
  • Brand loyalty
  • Mobile marketing
  • Mobile Couponing
  • Mobile payments

The increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets has made shopping accessible to consumers anytime, anywhere. Stay in touch with millions of mobile subscribers through mobile messaging. Create customer engagement, loyalty and interaction with CM’s mobile messaging services and reduce costs by doing so. Internal communications are more efficient when using mobile messages. Push notifications or SMS text messages let head offices notify and alert regional stores and staff quickly and cost effective in case of critical events.

Improving loyalty retention rates requires innovative solutions to continuously enrich the customer experience. Using mobile to enhance retailers loyalty programs will deliver long-term value and increase customer engagement.

Why others choose CM


IKEA uses CM’s platform for customer engagement

In line with the company vision of small packaging, IKEA brought its advertising for a kitchen campaign back to one simple SMS text message. The campaign required consumers to text kitchen to a short code after which they received the latest IKEA deals.

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