One Time Passwords & 2FA -

The secret to security

Worldwide social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter recently implemented 2FA via SMS after they concluded only one layer of security is no longer safe.

One Time Passwords (OTP) by CM provide an extra layer of security for financial transactions, as well as login sessions to enter online portals or digital files. Known as two-factor authentication, this is easy to deploy in your business or organisation and is very secure.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is based on something you know (username/password) and something you have (mobile phone). Filling out the usual username and password triggers CM's One Time Password solution – sending the OTP to the predestined fixed line or mobile phone. The OTP is only usable for a short period of time, which further enhances the security.

Find out how other companies implemented CM’s One Time Password solution to increase security in transactions and login sessions. This whitepaper explains how banks use OTP to secure their transactions. Healthcare employees use 2FA to safely login to the patient portal through their iPads and iPhones, and Van Dijk increased the use of intranet thanks to OTP via SMS – as their employees can now safely login anywhere, anytime.

Several banks use CM's One Time Password solution to secure their transactions. Mental Healthcare in North Holland lets its employees login on the patient portal through their iPads and iPhones. Employees of the floricultural wholesale business Van Dijk increased the use of intranet thanks to One Time Passwords via SMS – as they can safely login anywhere, anytime.

How to implement 2FA in your company?

Use cases

Van Dijk Flora

“Our employees are very satisfied about the ease and delivery time of the SMS messages containing the One Time Passwords.”


“We are a 24/7 organisation. It is crucial to receive SMS messages immediately. CM can be reached by day and night, all year round.”

European steel producer

“OTPs via CM are very stable. Every time an employee wants to login, it is possible – no matter what time of the day.”

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